Can I use a Secureaplate with my PPQ plates?

Yes, all Secureaplates are compatable with nearly all available Australian Registration Plates.

Note: Secureaplates are not required for PPQ Prestige plates.

Do I need to drill any holes in my new plates to allow attachment to my vehicle?

No, the purpose of the Secureaplate is to enable fitment of the registration plate without the need to drill the plate through the letters thus rendering the registration plate illegal.

Note: It is necessary to drill the new long european plates with 2 small holes at the top as no holes are in the plates when supplied.

If required at a later date, how do I remove my registration plate from the double sided tape without bending them?

To assist in releasing the plate from the double sided tape you will require a long flat bladed knife. After removing the securing screws, hold a little tension on the registration plate and cut the tape behind the plate with the knife.

What makes Secureaplate better than the plastic adapter plate I currently have fitted to my vehicle?

Secureaplate supports the registration plate in a way that it will not rattle, adds security and will not fatigue with age, heat and vibration as does the plastic support.

What part number do I use for a Ford Focus?

Use part number 1030 for the Ford Focus. (Front and Rear)

Do you have an adapter plate to allow PPQ Prestige plates to be fitted to the rear of a VE Commodore with a reversing camera?

Yes, use part number 1040. This plate attaches to the PPQ Prestige adapter plate and installs allowing clearance for the camera. Can be used for VE Commodores with or without camera.

Can I still fit number plate frames and/or covers to my plates?

Yes, Secureaplate has been designed to allow easy fitment of these frames and covers.

Note: PPQ do not recommend fitting covers as they can void the warranty on the plates.

Can Secureaplate be shaped to suit the front of my Astra convertable?

Yes, the 1026 Secureaplate can be shaped to suit the front of any vehicle as required.

If I purchase a Secureaplate with the security screws do I need a special tool to fit them?

No, all you need is a good fitting flat screwdriver to install the security screws, however to remove the security screws easily you do need a special tool. Most police stations and RTA’s now have this tool.